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At Icecap, we provide air conditioning systems with the highest energy label classifications on the market. We believe in technologies that improve people’s lives, which is why the air conditioning systems that we install, utilise the latest innovative refrigerants and inverter technology with an emphasis on renewable energy - they are easy to install, environmentally friendly and save energy.

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Air conditioning for home and business

Air conditioning in the office

Our air conditioning systems feature indoor units with sophisticated and elegant designs, to add to the impressive and innovative technical specifications. With so many different types of unit and design options, we'll work with you to create a perfect climate that blends in seamlessly with your interior.

Homeowners are increasingly looking to enjoy the same level of climate comfort and control that they experience at work, in shops, cinemas, cars and almost all the other building they visit. Demand is steadily increasing for systems that can offer cooler homes in the summer and warm homes in the winter with a level of control that is easy to operate and cost effective to run.

Well-being is an additional factor that home buyers are taking into consideration. Research has shown that the heat produced from the circulation of air is better for our health and our plants than dry heat from traditional gas boilers or LPG.

  • Enjoy a comfortable climate in your business or home
  • High energy efficiency cooling and heating performance - good for the planet and saving money!
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy label classifications up to A+++
  • Stylish designs to blend into any interior
  • Extremely quiet sound levels
  • Quality installations - we are trading standards approved
  • After sales service & maintenance - our engineers are registered with REFCOM
  • Our engineers are trained and certified to handle Hydrocarbon Refrigerants (flammable)
  • Applications include: schools, academys, nurseries, offices, NHS, server rooms, data centres, retail, leisure centres, manufacturing, houses & apartments, summer houses, conservatories and loft conversions
  • Extremely good value for money
  • We cover Tameside, Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire

Air-to-air heat pumps

Whether you're renovating your existing home/business or building a new one, an air-to-air heat pump is a sensible solution for your heating and cooling requirements. Air-to-air heat pumps are easy to install and are perfect for replacing old electric systems. With up to a A+++ energy efficiency rating, our units will satisfy all green building requirements. We offer a complete range of R32 systems which have excellent performance, efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

How an Air-to-air heat pump works

An Air-to-air heat pump controls the temperature by taking heat energy from outside the building (Outdoor Unit heat exchanger), upgrading it and then transferring it to a location(s) inside the building (Indoor Unit(s) heat exchanger).

There are three essential components to a heat pump: the outdoor unit (evaporator), the indoor unit(s) (condenser) and the refrigerant. The refrigerant transfers the heat as it circulates between the Outdoor and Indoor Unit(s).

  • The refrigerant passes into the evaporator (outdoor unit) where it extracts energy from the renewable source (air) by forcing the liquid to transform into a vapour.
  • The vapour then enters the compressor (outdoor unit) which raises its temperature as a result of the compression process and turns into a hot vapour.
  • The condenser (indoor unit(s)) exchanges the heat from the hot vapour to the heating system (room space to be heated) and the hot vapour returns to a liquid state.
  • The expansion valve lowers the pressure of the refrigerant, which triggers evaporation and the cycle begins all over again.
Heating cycle


The importance of regularly maintaining Air conditioning/Heat Pump Equipment

Many businesses and home owners invest in an air conditioning/heat pump system(s) yet fail to carry out the necessary upkeep. Like a car, an air conditioning system has moving parts in constant use and so in order for the equipment to operate properly, it requires maintenance.

A correctly functioning air conditioning system goes a long way in contributing to a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment, be it an office, school, laboratory, retail outlet etc.

Lowering running costs

An efficiently running air conditioning system lowers utility bills. Savings from efficient equipment operation can be substantial. It can therefore be argued that maintenance pays for itself since in addition to saving money by conserving energy, you are also reducing unnecessary repair costs and prolonging the lifespan of your system.

Indoor air quality

Properly maintaining your air conditioning system helps to prevent problems with indoor air quality. Left unmaintained, an air conditioning unit is a breeding ground for spreading dust, bacteria and allergens that can cause or worsen respiratory problems.

Dirty air filters can also block airflow causing the system to work harder which shortens its life. Ensuring air filters are cleaned regularly allows occupants to breathe better and extends the lifespan of the system.


Dirt is the enemy to any Indoor or Outdoor unit(s) as far as efficiency is concerned. Dirt collects on the coils which affects their ability to absorb and reject heat - this will increase the running costs of the equipment and reduce the system life. Keeping a unit up-to-date on all inspection and maintenance checks means any minor issue can be caught before it develops into something bigger. This greatly reduces the chances of having to pay for costly emergency repairs and helps to protect your day-to-day operation from being halted or hindered unexpectedly.

Research indicates that unmaintained systems work 20% harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a well-maintained counterpart. Less energy expenditure by the system means less stress on the components and with regular professional maintenance, an air conditioning unit can last over a decade.


Your air conditioning system(s) should be considered an investment. To get the most out of it, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Clean/replace (where applicable) your air filters as often as recommended by the manufacturer. By delaying the cleaning/replacement of a dirty air filter you may be overburdening your air conditioning system by putting a strain on the motor. Changing/cleaning the filters is easy and cost effective, saving you from a potential overheating or overcooling problem.
  • Do not delay maintenance. Most air conditioning problems are attributed to negligence and can be prevented through routine maintenance diagnosis. The earlier a fault is detected and resolved, the less likely your business or premises are to experience any production or productivity downtime. Ultimately, maintenance improves system efficiency.

Please contact us to discuss your air conditioning maintenance requirements.

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